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The ADM does not suffer from the complications of Denis Browne style boots and bars, there is no hip or knee rotation and it may be worn unilaterally.

The abduction Dorsiflection mechanism (ADM) is a device with two articulated joints which is attached to a Ponseti ADM Sandal for night bracing, or to other footwear for day bracing.

As a night brace the ADM is convenient and comfortable for use, well tolerated by children and may be used to prevent clubfoot relapse in accordance with the Ponseti Method. For some cases it may also be used to manage clubfoot relapse.

The ADM is for use by:

Babies and children with clubfoot
Babies and children whose clubfeet have been corrected by manipulation followed by serial casting and possibly a heel cord tenotomy. Typically such correction will be carried out in accordance with the Ponseti Method.
Other conditions that result in equinovarus or supination on the advice of a qualified clinician.
The ADM permits full functional mobility and may be attached to normal footwear as a DAFO day brace to improve supinated equinovarus type gaits.
The ADM may be used as night bracing therapy or as a day brace. As a night brace the ADM applies a low intensity long duration stretch to patients to the medial soft tissues and achilles. As a day brace the ADM functions by altering the user’s gait from one that is inverted and flat to a more active gait with additional dorsiflection and eversion.


ADM Sandal Sizing

Foot Length (mm) Sandal Size
81 to 87 0
88 to 92 1
93 to 102 2
103 to 112 3
113 to 122 4
123 to 132 5
133 to 142 6
143 to 152 7
153 to 162 8
163 to 172 9
173 to 182 10
183 to 192 11
193 to 202 12

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