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Clinic support

what-we-doSTEPS train in-clinic advisers on parent education, set up and assist with management of patient treatment database, and source and supply clubfoot braces.

Monitoring and evaluation

STEPS visits clinic partners to discuss progress, help with challenges, and determine needs and outcomes.

STEPS has an online patient database for clinics to enter clubfoot treatment data to audit patient numbers.

STEPS does weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual reports of numbers of: patients treated, providers trained, clinics opened, clinic visits, and equipment supplied.

Clubfoot clinic model

STEPS advises on  setting up a Ponseti clubfoot clinic. Contact us for information on the STEPS clubfoot clinic model.

Clinic partnerships

In December 2012, STEPS signed a partnership agreement with miraclefeet to implement a regional Ponseti clinic support programme in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. The programme launched in January 2013, supporting clinics in South Africa, Botswana and Namibia. STEPS also provided monitoring and evaluation support for the Bugando Clubfoot Project, and consulted on the start-up of a national Tanzanian clubfoot programme.

National programmes

STEPS works with local clubfoot champions, doctors, clinics and government to set up national clubfoot programmes. We collaborate on capacity planning, community awareness and clinic set-up models. We advise on treatment guidelines and programme implementation.

Visit the STEPS database for useful contact information.