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Luca’s clubfoot champion story

Luca's clubfoot champion story, told by his mother Liesl: 'I went for my normal 22 week scan at my gynae. During the scan I could see something was bothering her, and after consulting with another doctor she confirmed that our little boy had clubfeet! It was agonising because during my pregnancy there was nothing we [...]

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Clubfoot success story: “Stay patient and remain hopeful”

Gorgeous little Lethabo was born with clubfoot at Victoria Hospital in the North West Province. She has an older sister who absolutely adores her. Her sister does not have clubfoot. When she was born her mother, Lerato, was distraught and asked herself how this could happen. She did some research and went to visit Dr [...]

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67 minutes for STEPS this Mandela Day

"There can be no keener revelation of a society's soul than the way in which it treats its children." - Nelson Mandela This Mandela Day, we are calling on people to donate 67 minutes of their salaries to help the lives of children born with clubfoot in South Africa. South Africa has one of the [...]

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A STEPS success story: Walking all over the place

STEPS baby, Cazzner, has been on quite a journey. She recently turned one and has started walking “all over the place”, her mom, Deborah, tells STEPS. When Cazzner was born with clubfoot, her parents were concerned. “When we finally found out the impact this could have on my child, it hit home,” Deborah explains. “I [...]

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The story of the Ponseti Method for clubfoot

The reason that over 95% of children born with clubfoot can have fully functional feet is the gentle treatment pioneered by Dr Ignaçio Ponseti. The success of the Ponseti treatment is a story of dedicated doctors and proactive parents. Discovering the new method Dr Ponseti pioneered his method at the University of Iowa in the 1950s [...]

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STEPSbrother Grant Watson to ride Joberg2C for STEPS

Grant Watson will be riding the gruelling Joberg2C mountain bike race – a nine day and 900km task – from 24 April to 2 May to rasie funds for STEPS. Grant was born with two club feet in 1978. After surgery on one foot an casting on the other, his feet healed well enough for him to [...]

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STEPS team member Adri Rego’s story featured in People magazine

Adri Rego has been a part of STEPS’ support outreach since 2008. She was born with clubfoot and had clubfoot surgery as a child. Her children, Daniel and Cristina, were also born with clubfoot. Both children have had successful Ponseti treatment. Adri’s story was recently featured in People magazine as part of their regular feature on [...]

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Trust your instincts: Deborah and Cazzner’s story

When did you find out that your baby had/would have clubfoot? The day I gave birth to her. How did you feel? When I got the news I didn’t really know what it was, even though the doctor explained it to me and my partner. All that went through my mind was: “Thank you God, [...]

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Five tips for fielding questions about your baby’s clubfoot casts

Walking around with your baby in toe-to-groin plaster casts is just one of the things that makes the experience of being the parent of a baby born with clubfoot different. The first time casts are put on it’s quite a mess. You arrive at the clinic unprepared, you and your clothes are smeared in wet [...]

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STEPS launches Ponseti for Parents ©

When treating clubfoot, parents and caregivers are essential in ensuring a good outcome. Parents also play a vital role in supporting other parents and sharing information. Some parents have been (and continue to be) the driving force to influence treatment change and introduce Ponseti to their country or region.  The strength and dedication of Ponseti [...]

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