Fair Lady: Mothers changing the world because of their children – Clubfoot

Karen Moss (STEPS founder) was featured in the February 2016 issue of Fair Lady in a story about mothers who are changing the world because of their children. Dr Ponseti believed that the bond between a mother and child was so strong that a mother knows instinctively what is best for her child, and he [...]

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#StepUp4STEPS: The story of the stories

Author Brené Brown once said: “When we deny our stories, they define us. When we own our stories, we get to write a brave new ending.” The clubfoot story is a story of hope, inspiration and determination. The happy ending is the gift of mobility. That is what STEPS wanted to highlight in our birthday [...]

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A day at a clubfoot clinic

In Cape Town, STEPS has two programme partner clubfoot clinics, at Maitland Cottage Home and Tygerberg Hospital. Once a week, the waiting rooms are filled with parents and their clubfoot cuties coming for consultation, casting, or new boots and bars. Come along with us for a day at the clubfoot clinic! In the waiting room [...]

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2014 Ponseti programme progress, and the clubfoot community grows!

2014 was a busy year of growth and new opportunities for STEPS. We’re slowing down now for our summer break and festive season, as will our partner clinics. We are so proud of what we have achieved, and grateful to the people who helped us along the way. Some 2014 highlights: * Attended the Global [...]

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Cape Town Ponseti Races: 22 November

The annual Cape Town Ponseti Races event is to be held on Saturday 22 November from 10:00 till 12:00. Venue is confirmed at the wonderful African Brothers Football Academy in Gardens, Cape Town, so bring your soccer ball too! We hope to see all the Ponseti kids there – bring the whole family for a [...]

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STEPS clinic days: Sharing knowledge and comfort

Each clubfoot clinic STEPS visits has its own personality. Some are perennially busy, being loud and full of life and others more quiet and calm. In each case the clinics are a place where families can meet, see children in all stages of treatment, and share their stories and give encouragement to other families going [...]

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Ponseti Races in Johannesburg, 4 October 2014 and in Cape Town on 22nd November.

  The Ponseti Races began in Iowa City in 2007 as a simple lap around an indoor track for children who had been treated by Dr Ponseti. It’s a wonderful way for children and parents to come together to honour the work of a great man and those who continue his legacy. There are races [...]

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First Seychelles Ponseti method training, 29-30 April 2014

The first Seychelles Ponseti training will be held in the Seychelles Hospital, in Victoria, Mahe on 29 and 30 April 2014. STEPS is organising the event in partnership with the local Ministry of Health. In July 2013, Karen Moss met with Patricia René, the Directory of Rehabilitation Services of the Seychelles Ministry of Health, and Wahida [...]

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3rd International Clubfoot Symposium. June 1-4, 2014 Barcelona, Spain

Event: 3rd International Clubfoot Symposium Date: June 1-4, 2014 Venue: Barcelona, Spain Website: http://www.ponseti2014.com Organised by the Ponseti International Association: “In 2012 we celebrated the incredible strides made worldwide in clubfoot treatment and renewed the Promise Made that together we can and we will eradicate untreated clubfoot. Our Mission continues in 2014 in the birth country [...]

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