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Donate here to transform the life of a child born with clubfoot

You can be a STEPS clubfoot champion, wherever you are in the world!
Donate any amount you choose, or ask others to support your activity and raise money for children born with clubfoot in Southern Africa.
100% of your donation goes directly to support children born with clubfoot.
The gift of mobility is priceless.
Your donation will help to change the story of a child’s life forever.

There are a number of ways that you can donate to STEPS

Donate by EFT
Donate with SnapScan
Donate with Debit or Cheque Card
Monthly Debit Order (R100) to Give a Child a Brace
Sign up to Woolworths My School My Village and support a child’s treatment


To give you an idea of the impact of your donation, here are some of the costs to treat a child with clubfoot:

  • Help us to raise clubfoot awareness:  Early diagnosis is key to successful treatment – R25  ($2)
  • Provide parent education to one family:  Support through a four year journey from birth to walking – R75  ($5)
  • Buy transport subsidy for one child to reach clinic appointment:  Many children live far from clubfoot clinics and travel costs to frequent appointments is often more than the family’s monthly income – R150  ($10)
  • Print parent education materials for 20 families:  Our Ponseti for Parents education programme provides easily accessible information for worried families, improving treatment adherence – R300  ($20)
  • Buy a clubfoot brace for one child (subsidised):  Braces are essential for treatment, a private donor matches your donation to give a child a brace for every donation received – R500  ($34)
  • Weekly parent education for twenty families per month at a clinic:  Our partner clinics rely on the STEPS parent educator to encourage and inform families at weekly clinics, our involvement reduces dropout rates – R1,000  ($70)
  • Training and awareness materials for one clinic – we continually improve Ponseti skills and support new and existing clinics soo more chldren can be treated : R1,500  ($100)
  • Support treatment for one child from birth to walking – Every child treated impacts not only their family and community, but the entire country: R2500  ($168)