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Karen Moss – Executive Director and Founder

karen profileKaren Moss is a writer, social entrepreneur and businesswoman. From 2000 to 2005, Karen was a magazine columnist and company director. In July 2005, Karen expanded her career portfolio to include pioneering community work when a passionate vision, driven by her son Alex being born with bilateral clubfoot, led her to introduce the Ponseti method and establish Steps in South Africa.

Since 2003 Karen has written informative articles and materials for parents on clubfoot that have been translated into many languages including Spanish, Portuguese, Norwegian, Swedish, Hebrew, Mandarin, French, Italian, Danish, Russian and Bulgarian. Karen wrote a children’s bedtime storybook, My Clever Night-Night Shoes,  to encourage brace wear. The book has distributors in the US, UK, Australia and South Africa and is being translated into other languages.

Karen developed and wrote all the material for the Steps Ponseti for Parents© programme (translated into 7 languages). Karen is a clubfoot spokesperson in southern Africa and gives talks at local and international clubfoot meetings on her work. She contributed to the curriculum content of the Africa Clubfoot Training Project.

Her focus is on the clubfoot patient’s wellbeing, and she provides information and emotional support to families from all walks of life. Karen collaborates closely with doctors, government and organisations to improve clubfoot treatment in the public and private health care sectors in South Africa, Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and the Seychelles. Her ground-breaking work has revolutionised the medical outlook for clubfoot care in Southern Africa. As a direct result of Karen introducing the Ponseti method for clubfoot to the region, the number of babies successfully treated is now in the thousands. Karen also launched Steps Botswana and Steps Namibia and mentors local clubfoot champions in Botswana, Namibia, Tanzania and other countries, sharing her expertise and the Steps clinic support model.

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Alan Millar – Data Management and Monitoring

alan-millarAlan has worked in health non-profits for over ten years. He has a passion for finding efficient ways to address the legacy of inequality and social injustice in South Africa.

He is currently completing a master’s degree in public health at the University of Cape Town. His undergraduate degree was in English literature, and his honours degree in development studies–so he is equally interested in numbers and the stories behind them.

Much of his previous work was in the field of Tuberculosis treatment adherence, and he loves that clubfoot is such an optimistic area of work, with so many positive, life-changing outcomes.

His time at Steps is mainly spent devising ways of collecting more information with less cost and effort from partner clinics, to identify gaps and opportunities for improving the organisation’s service to children with clubfoot, their families, and the public health workers who do so much for them.

Michelle Dicey – Programme Manager (Training and Clinic Support)

Michelle DiceyMichelle joined Steps in January 2017. She has been volunteering at Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital’s clubfoot clinic on Fridays since October 2016, and loves the hands-on, multi-disciplinary, Ponseti management of children with clubfoot and interacting with their families. Michelle has a good understanding of the processes and techniques of maintaining a high-functioning Ponseti Clinic. She acts as liaison between Steps and Ponseti providers, studies clubfoot research papers, and manages the training of physiotherapists and other healthcare professionals.

Michelle qualified as a physiotherapist at the University of Cape Town. She has worked in both private and state healthcare in South Africa, USA and England, in the fields of paediatrics and sports physiotherapy.

Michelle is from a fruit farm in Wolseley. She is involved in the education and empowerment of the farming community. She lives in Cape Town during the school term with her three boys and competes in endurance events.

Janine van Niekerk – Sustainability Manager

janine-2Janine joined Steps in February 2016, and is an enthusiastic team member working on innovative ideas to sustain the organisation’s growth.

Mother of two, Janine has worked in South Africa, Zambia, Tanzania and Kenya, procuring and supplying aid organisations with a range of medical equipment.

Janine loves the impact Steps has on the lives of babies born with clubfoot. Her passion and kindness drive her work, and she feels very lucky to be in a position to help improve lives.

Janine is actively involved in diversifying Steps’ income stream while serving our beneficiaries. The clubfoot brace, an essential part of Ponseti treatment is listed on the World Health Organisation top 50 list of Priority Assistive Products. The clubfoot brace is  ‘..an absolute necessity to maintain or improve an individual’s functioning and which need to be available at a price the community/state can afford.’ 

Janine identifies stakeholders, manages the sourcing, distribution and funding of the essential clubfoot braces, contributes to increasing awareness, providing training, knowledge, equipment, and support to the affected children, their families, and the medical community working to treat clubfoot.

Luke Engel – Marketing Manager

luke-bioLuke has been part of the Steps team since February 2016.

A graduate from the AAA School of Advertising, Luke has really pushed to raise awareness for the Steps organisation – bringing some much needed youthful guidance in the area of digital marketing.

Luke has always had a passion for helping others – volunteering on a number of occasions at under-privileged children’s homes in Cape Town, as well as lending his hands to build homes for Habitat for Humanity.

Luke really believes in the mission that Steps is trying to advance in enhancing the lives of children born with clubfoot, and enjoys visiting Steps partner clinics around South Africa to see just how impactful STEPS is in not just the lives of children born with clubfoot, but also in the lives of their parents and families.

Luke develops marketing strategy and branding, and collects and tells stories through social media.

Isabel Lynch – Office Manager

isabelIsabel joined the Steps team as Office Manager in October 2016. Mom to three young children, Isabel has been involved for the past few years in various local and international NGO projects focused on early education and literacy in rural areas.

Her NGO work includes the support of six primary schools in rural Zimbabwe, and she is passionate about making a real difference in Africa.

Isabel has a degree in Town and Regional Planning from the University of Pretoria, and an Advanced Certificate in Leadership from the University of Cape Town’s Business school.

Isabel’s role utilises her skills managing large and small projects to coordinate and consolidate Steps programme activities at all levels.

Her contribution to Steps is to facilitate the smooth running of internal office systems, to interpret all internal and external information and ensure accountability so we effectively achieve our programme goals and plans for expansion.

Angela Sutherland – Financial Manager

AngelaAngela joined the Steps team as the Financial Manager at the beginning of November 2013 after a career break to raise two children.

She loves that focus is not on profit, but instead on the care of others, particularly children. Angela believes that it is a truly wonderful charity in that families who have no access to healthcare can receive assistance, thanks to Steps.

Angela’s previous experience spans the UK and South Africa. She worked in the oil industry for many years and latterly for a export quality certification company.

She is a management accountant (CIMA) with expertise in costing, pricing, budgeting and reporting. She has used her experience since starting with Steps to manage budgets, financial reporting, funding development and proposals. Angela manages tax and fiduciary compliance, and provides our auditors with information for the annual financial year end.

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Jacque Ludidi – Data Capturer and Media assistant


Jacque joined the Steps team in February 2016. She is the mom of two boys and has 15 years of administration experience working at the Department of Health. She was working for Community Based Services dealing with the funding of NGOs and NPOs.

Jacque heard about Steps on a ENCA TV programme called Against All Odds. She was touched by Karen and Alex’s story and she called Steps immediately to volunteer.

She has a passion for working with children, mainly the disabled. Her contribution to Steps is administration support and data capture at two Cape Town clinics, Tygerberg Hospital and Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital. Jacque researches the media and liaises with government and organisations to increase advocacy, and is translating the Night Night shoes bedtime story into Xhosa. She finds working with Steps extremely valuable and hopes to open an NPO one day in her township: Langa.

Ivy Muffler – Gauteng Clinic Support Coordinator

ivyIvy Muffler, a mother of two, studied psychology at the University of Pretoria.

She worked in the Research Department of the Pretoria Urology Hospital for many years as a Site Study Coordinator. Creating deep and meaningful relationships with her patients on the clinical trials had a significant impact on her.

She then went on to work in the financial sector for 10 years and after making the decision to leave that behind and focus more on her children, the opportunity to be part of the Steps team  presented itself.

She finds that being part of the great work Karen and Steps are doing and to be involved in changing the lives of so many children is extremely rewarding and fulfilling.

Ivy is parent educator and Steps clinic coordinator at Charlotte Maxeke Johannesburg Academic Hospital and Steve Biko Academic Hospital in Pretoria. She does outreach support every six weeks to the clubfoot clinic at Mahikeng Hospital, North West province.

Ursula Kibido – Gauteng Clinic Support Coordinator

ursula kibidoUrsula Kibido, a vibrant and dedicated mother of two, worked in Public Relations and Communication for many years.

She completed her BA Psychology and Industrial Sociology at UCT and went on to work in PR for 13 years for Old Mutual, Discovery Health and Eskom.

Ursula found her true passion in charity outreach when she was a board member and secretary for REACH (Rural Education Awareness & Community Health) for a few years. Naturally Steps came next.

Ursula joined the Steps team in 2014 and now helps counsel and educate parents and families on Clubfoot and its treatment, as well as assisting in running busy Gauteng clinics at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital and George Mukhari Academic Hospital. Ursula trains new clinic coordinators and parent educators for other clinics.

Always ready with a smile, Ursula finds the work at Steps extremely valuable and gratifying.

Refiloe Khoza – Gauteng Clinic Data Capturer

Refiloe has a diploma in IT and worked as an Account Executive in marketing for a couple of years. In between her working hours she found that her passion was volunteering in social causes that brought her fulfillment.

From as young as six years old, Refiloe always knew that she wanted to work with children, and joining the Steps team couldn’t have come at a better time. Her long lived dream has been fulfilled in so many ways.

She loves the interaction and the relationships formed between the parents and the children and most of all, seeing their lives change because of the progress they make through the treatment. Working at Steps has been a learning, fun and heartwarming experience for her.

She is data capturer for the little patients attending clubfoot clinics at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital and George Mukhari Academic Hospital.

Refiloe is always eager to help with a smile and a content heart.

Tsimoloho Lekaota – Bloemfontein & Free State Clinic Coordinator

Tsimoloho is a passionate addition to the Steps team who loves working with people. She has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Communications.

What Tsimoloho enjoys most about working for Steps is that she gets to learn so much. Watching the progress of children from the time they come in for their first casting to when they get their boots and bars is extremely rewarding and encouraging.

She also enjoys seeing and interacting with mothers who come in with the hope that their children will heal and their happiness when they see how effective the treatment is.

Tsimoloho feels so blessed to get to know the children and their mothers on a weekly basis, and walk with them throughout this process. She is a valuable part of the parent education and support that families need for successful treatment. Tsimoloho is parent educator and data capturer at Bloemfontein National Hospital and Pelonomi Hospital, as well as several smaller outreach clinics in the Free State.

Adri Rego – Parent On-line Support

adriAdri was born with clubfoot and had clubfoot surgery as a child. Her children, Daniel and Cristina, were also born with clubfoot. Both children had successful Ponseti treatment.

She has been part of Steps support outreach since 2008.

Because of her close personal experiences with clubfoot, Adri is passionate about supporting babies born with clubfoot and their families. She gives families practical advice and information on the positive outcome of children treated with the Ponseti Method.

She assists with advice on clubfoot care, PMB claims, and organises the annual Ponseti races in Johannesburg. Adri’s hope is to change the lives of future generations of fellow ‘clubfooters’.


Tshepang Seisa-Chilume – Founding Trustee, Secretary Steps Botswana Trust

tshepangTshepang is a mother of two children – a daughter, and a son who was born with bilateral talipes in 2008. After reaching out to Steps for help, Tshepang took her son for treatment in Johannesburg. Tshepang was concerned that there was limited help available for children born in Botswana with clubfoot.

Tshepang and Karen Moss worked together to established Steps Botswana Trust with the approval of the Botswana Ministry of Health. Tshepang’s involvement in changing clubfoot treatment in Botswana has helped to launch Ponseti in Botswana. She was involved in organising the first Steps Botswana Ponseti training in 2013, which led to the establishment of a Ponseti clubfoot clinic at Princess Marina Hospital in Gaborone. Tshepang helps parents in Botswana with information on getting clubfoot treatment. Tshepang works as Sales Manager in Global Markets for a local bank. She is an entrepreneur and an alumni of President Obama’s Young African Leaders.

Dr Yash Gureja

dr gureja Orthopaedic Surgeon (ex Princess Marina Hospital)

Dr Yash Gureja started working with Steps in November 2012 on the Botswana national clubfoot programme.

He was part of the faculty for the 2013 inaugural Steps Botswana training in Gaborone, and started the first Ponseti clinic in Botswana in July 2013. Dr Gureja studied medicine in India before emigrating to Botswana to work as an orthopaedic surgeon. Dr Gureja has left public health and is now in private practice in Gaborone, but remains a supporter of the Ponseti method in Botswana.


Dr Jacques Jonck

Dr Jonck Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Jacques Jonck learned the Ponseti Method with Dr du Toit while studying at Stellenbosch Tygerberg Campus under Dr du Toit.

After a fellowship in the USA, he returned to Africa to work in Namibia.

He lives in Windhoek with his wife and two children.

Dr Jonck invited Steps to Namibia to help him introduce a sustainable clubfoot treatment for Namibian children. He co-founded the first Ponseti clubfoot clinic at Windhoek Hospital.

Ponseti faculty doctors (training, mentoring, outreach)

Steps has a long-standing relationship with the best Ponseti doctors in Southern Africa. These doctors take time off from their schedule at no cost to the programme to train healthcare professionals, do follow-up visits to clinics for refresher training and mentoring, and to assess complex cases.

Dr Jacques du Toit

Dr du Toit Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon,  Steps Medical Director Head of Division of Orthopaedics, Tygerberg Hospital, University of Stellenbosch Head of Lady Michaelis Paediatric Orthopaedic Unit, Tygerberg Hospital. Ponseti faculty trainer (FT).

Better known as ‘Dr Vaatjie’, Dr du Toit attended Ponseti training in 2006 and 2007 and started the Ponseti clubfoot clinic at Tygerberg Hospital. He assists secondary hospitals to set up clubfoot clinics in Worcester, Paarl and George. Dr du Toit attended the 2011 Steps South African planning meeting in Uganda with Karen Moss.

In 2012 he was co-organiser of the SAPOS 2012 Ponseti instructional course at the Stellenbosch Tygerberg medical campus. He was the chairman of the faculty for the 2013 Ponseti training in Botswana, Namibia and 2014 Ponseti training in Seycelles. Dr du Toit has published research and presented papers on clubfoot treatment on the Ponseti Method. Dr du Toit works closely with Steps on clubfoot treatment using Ponseti as the treatment of choice. He advises on medical protocol, pathway or care guidelines, and collaborates on training and planning for capacity building at the various clinics Steps that supports in the region.

Dr Stewart Dix-Peek

Dr Dix-Peek Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Acting Head: Paediatric Orthopaedics Red Cross Children’s Hospital Clinical Head: Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic hospital. Dr Stewart Dix-Peek attended Ponseti training in 2006, and was Chairman of the 2012 SAPOS Ponseti instructional course. Dr Dix-Peek was part of the faculty at the first Namibia Ponseti Training in 2013. Dr Dix-Peek is a Ponseti faculty trainer (FT).

Dr Dix-Peek oversees and manages a dedicated weekly clubfoot clinic using Ponseti management at Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital, a specialised paediatric orthopaedic facility, affiliated to Red Cross Children’s Hospital. The clubfoot clinic’s team includes a specialist consultant, registrars, physiotherapists, nurses and orthotists. Children with clubfoot are referred to the clinic from hospitals and clinics in the Western Cape and Eastern Cape. MCCOH is an 85-bed facility, so patients who travel far are sometimes admitted until their clubfoot treatment is complete. Dr Dix-Peek oversees all the paediatric orthopaedic clinical services provided by the hospital, and satellite services. He does regular outreach visits to Worcester and Tembaletu, Eros.

Dr Mark Eltringham

dr eltringhamPaediatric Orthpaedic Surgeon

Dr Mark Eltringham is in private practice at Sunninghill Clinic, Johannesburg. He was the first South African orthopaedic surgeon to train formally in the Ponseti Method, with Dr John Herzenberg in Baltimore, USA, in September 2003.

Dr Eltringham started a dedicated weekly Ponseti clubfoot clinic at his practice in November 2003. As one of the early Ponseti providers in South Africa, Dr Eltringham was supportive and influential in raising awareness of the treatment, influencing the change from surgical treatment to the Ponseti Method of clubfoot management. He has supported Steps in the medical community and been featured as an expert guest on radio and TV.

Dr Eltringham worked with Steps to assist patients from neighbouring countries when there were no treatment alternatives available to them. Dr Eltringham was part of the faculty for the Steps South African Ponseti training in 2006 and 2007. He was a director of Steps from 2005 to 2010.

Dr Eltringham was part of the faculty for the SAPOS 2012 Ponseti instructional course held at Tygerberg Stellenbosch Medical campus, and helped to coordinate the Johannesburg visit and practical training by the faculty.

 Dr Gregory Firth

Dr FirthPaediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Dr Greg Firth heads the Paediatric Orthopaedic Unit at Chris Hani Baragwanath Academic Hospital in Soweto, Johannesburg, where he runs a dedicated Ponseti clubfoot clinic. The clubfoot clinic is one the busiest in Southern Africa, and sees 60-80 patients weekly, where Ponseti casts are applied and follow-ups done.

Dr Firth completed his orthopaedic training at the University of the Witwatersrand in 2008. He completed two post-graduate fellowships in paediatric orthopaedics – 12 months in Ontad commitment to the clubfoot kid Melbourne, Australia. During this time, amongst many other conditions, he treated children with clubfeet using the Ponseti Method. He was part of the faculty on the 2012 SAPOS Clubfoot Course and the 2013 Steps Ponseti Botswana training, 2014 Mahikeng training, 2015 Maun training, and 2016 Worcester training. Current Secretary of South African Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (SAPOS). Dr Firth is a Ponseti faculty trainer (FT). He does training, outreach visits and follow-ups on complex cases for the Botswana clubfoot programme and has a weekly private clubfoot clinic in Sandton, Johannesburg.

Professor Anthony Robertson

Dr RobertsonPaediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Current President: South African Paediatric Orthopaedic Society (SAPOS) Ponseti faculty trainer (FT).

Professor Tony Robertson started in paediatric orthopaedics in 1993 at Baragwanath Hospital where he performed many surgical corrections of clubfoot up until 2005 when he moved to the Johannesburg Hospital. It was then that he became interested in the Ponseti Method. Prof. Robertson attended the 1st Steps South African Ponseti course in 2006, and started the Ponseti clubfoot clinic at Johannesburg Hospital.

He was fortunate to have the opportunity to visit Dr Ponseti in Iowa for a week early in 2007. He returned to Iowa later in 2007 for the International Clubfoot Symposium, and at that time attended a Ponseti technique course run by Dr Jose Morcuende. Prof. Robertson was part of the faculty for the Steps 2007 Ponseti training at Johannesburg Hospital. Dr Robertson motivated for the Steps 2007 Steenbeek training workshop, which was successful in providing a sustainable source of braces for three hospitals in Gauteng, with a continuing production of 50-70 braces per month. He was part of the faculty for the 2012 SAPOS Clubfoot Course, and the 2013 Steps Ponseti Botswana training. Prof. Robertson heads the dedicated clubfoot management clinic at Charlotte Maxeke Academic Hospital, providing Ponseti treatment to 30-40 patients weekly.

Dr Paul Rollinson

Paediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Chief Orthopaedic Specialist, Ngwelezana Hospital and Region Four in KwaZulu-Natal Dr Paul Rollinson’s interest in the Ponseti technique started in September 2004 after a short paper delivered at the SA Orthopaedic Congress in Pretoria. He followed this up and read widely about the technique before implementing it at the Ngwelezana Hospital in Northern KwaZulu-Natal, which is the referral centre for 13 district hospitals from the North coast and inland Kwa-Zulu Natal. In 2005, Dr Rollinson presented his early experience with Ponseti at the SA Orthopaedic congress.

Dr Paul Rollinson attended the 2006 South Africa Ponseti training. By October 2009, over 200 children had been treated at the Ngwelezane Hospital’s clubfoot clinic using the Ponseti Method. The provincial orthotic service based at Wentworth Hospital in Durban attends Ngwelezane Hospital every month to provide braces for patients treated there. More than half of the clubfoot cases are from rural district hospitals. Dr Rollinson trains junior doctors in the Ponseti technique, and has been a major influence in his region in changing the treatment protocol for clubfoot.

Dr JPJ (Kobus) Smit

Dr SmitPaediatric Orthopaedic Surgeon

Paediatric Orthopaedic Consultant and Lecturer: University of Free State and Free State Health Department Established: Paediatric Orthopaedic Service for Central South Africa (PAEDOS) in 1995, an outreach programme for the provinces of the Free State and Northern Cape Dr Kobus Smit became interested in the Ponseti Method in 2004 and attended the first Steps Ponseti training in 2006. He was part of the faculty at the 2007 Steps Ponseti training and the 2012 SAPOS Ponseti instructional course. Dr. Kobus Smit established weekly dedicated clubfoot clinics at Bloemfontein National District Hospital and Pelonomi Regional Hospital. Dr Smit is a Ponseti faculty trainer (FT), he has been faculty at Ponseti training in Botswana 2014, Seychelles 2014, Dar es Salaam, Worcester 2016 and the Ponseti symposium at the 2017 ISPO conference.

Dr Smit travels to the Northern Cape and Eastern Cape to do clubfoot outreach at various clinics, including Kimberley Hospital, which has the only clubfoot clinic in the Northern Cape, and Frere Hospital. The Bloemfontein clubfoot clinics treat many Lesotho patients, since there is an inter-government agreement that any Lesotho child with a referral letter can be treated at a South African hospital. Dr Smith has daily contact with the Orthopaedic Registrars and supervises professional development, assessment and research projects. He is involved in clinical orthopaedic research on the management of clubfeet.  This research has been presented at SAOA and SAPOS meetings, and in the South African Orthopaedic Journal.