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Black Robin Designs socks are specially designed for use with the Ponseti AFO shoes. Please consult the sock size chart.

Special features include:

• Double layer construction eliminates friction between the foot and sandal, helping to prevent sores and blisters

• Comfortable and close fitting to reduce creases and wrinkles

• Moisture wicking cotton rich material keeps feet dry and cool

• Extra height so ideal for wearing with Ponseti AFO

• Grip on sole to prevent sock slipping within sandal

• Minimal internal stitching


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Sock Size Chart

Age (years) 0/3m 3/6m 6/12m 12/18m 18/24m 2/3yr 3/4.5yr 4.5/6yr
Mitchell AFO 0000/00 0/1 2 3 4 5 6/7 7/8
Foot length (mm) 70 85 100 110 120 135 150 165
European (EUR) 13 14/15 16/17 18 19/20 21/23 14/15 26/29
United Kingdom (UK) 0 1 2/3 3/4 5/6 7/8 8/10
United States (US) 1

Full Leg Cast Covers

Bloccs waterproof protectors for leg casts which guarantee waterproof protection. These can be used for baths, at the beach or even in a swimming pool.

The protectors are fully watertight and completely submergible.

They are made from soft and flexible rubber and are easy to use.

We currently offer two sizes:
(Measurements for leg cast covers are a size guide to measure the leg, these cast covers are for legs.)

Age: 1 – 3 yrs
Length: 53.5cm
Circumference: 24cm to 40cm

Age: 4 – 9 yrs
Length: 69cm
Circumference: 27cm to 45cm

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