Teaching Models

We offer a full line of teaching and training models for the Ponseti method of clubfoot treatment.
Model of clubfoot made with plastic bones and elastic strings, simulating the ligaments.

This model can be used to demonstrate the manipulations of a clubfoot when using the Ponseti method. It is a very useful model for training purposes, and also for demonstrating to parents how the foot will be manipulated.

Ponseti Clubfoot Model

Medical teaching model to demonstrate proper correction of clubfoot deformity. Errors in the manipulation of the congenital clubfoot can easily be demonstrated with this model.

Rubber feet – Cast Application set of models

Medical teaching model for practicing the proper application of plaster casts to maintain the correction obtained by manipulation.

Available in 4 configurations: Left uncorrected, Right uncorrected, Left partially corrected, and Right partially corrected.

Cast Application Rubber Legs and Stands may be purchased as a complete set or individually.

Five Stage Cast Model Set

Medical teaching model which illustrates the five stages of casting used in the Ponseti Method.

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