Why STEPS? 2017-03-24T05:45:32+00:00


why stepsConditions like congenital clubfoot are not glamorous, they are not life-threatening, and they don’t get attention.

Most people know little about clubfoot – the cause, the treatment and the outcome.

This is the purpose of STEPS – to educate, inform and raise awareness, to provide support to families and to work with clinics providing care for clubfoot patients.

Inadequate or incomplete treatment has negative long-term effects on a child’s quality of life. Hundreds of children and adults struggle with stiff, deformed and painful feet, and the burden of limited mobility.

STEPS’ work makes a significant difference to the lives of thousands of babies.

STEPS’ message is one of hope to clubfoot patients, who, if effectively treated, can grow up just like other children without the social stigma of deformity.