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Clinic support

STEPS CLUBFOOT CARE Programme is an award-winning clinic support programme that provides patient-centred support and resources to a network of partner clinics around South Africa.

Patient Family support

Our primary focus is patient-centred care. STEPS Clinic Coordinators directly support more than 60% of children treated at our partner clinics.

Ponseti for Parents© take-home Leaflet 1

The first-time parent gets a STEPS Ponseti for Parents© take-home Leaflet 1 with information on clubfoot, a treatment overview, and advice for the casting phase.

Ponseti for Parents© take-home Leaflet 2

The STEPS Ponseti for Parents© take-home Leaflet 2 is for the start of the brace phase with advice on brace wear, schedule and troubleshooting.

A parents guide to clubfoot

STEPS education video ‘A parent’s guide to clubfoot’ is played at clinics that have the facilities in their waiting room and parents can be given a link to watch it on their phone.

Ponseti for Parents© Parent Adviser Manual

The STEPS Ponseti The Steps Ponseti for Parents© Parent Adviser Manual provides information about clubfoot and the treatment, what to expect, and how important parents’ involvement and commitment is to ensure a successful outcome.

Clinic Staff Support

We provide STEPS Clinic Coordination Toolkits and training to all clinic support staff, on the different stages of clubfoot treatment and how to advise parents, as well as all non-clinical processes and documents to effectively coordinate a weekly clinic.

Steps stats

Patient Data is accurately captured in an online system that is real time and easily analysed.

  • Weekly data submission of anonymised clinic stats.
  • Data is analysed on a live dashboard and monthly individual clinic reports are generated with key indicators

Clinic Resources Provided by STEPS


Clinics are well-equipped and streamlined and treating patients effectively.

Patients are retained and dropout numbers are reduced.

Clinics and patients have successful treatment results.