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Brace fitting instructions for parents and caregivers

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My Clever Night Night Shoes is a fun bedtime story book for every kid that sleeps in a clubfoot brace.

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This treatment is over 95% effective and it is non-invasive resulting in functional and flexible feet
The Ponseti Method is also very cost efficient as it can be done in low resource settings and affiliated healthcare professionals can be involved in the treatment, making the Ponseti Method a practical option for eliminating the problem of untreated clubfoot.

Ponseti checklist

Some doctors say that they are using the Ponseti Method, but they may be referring to the fact that they do serial plaster casts, or they may have modified the technique. Research has shown that the best results are achieved by following the protocol of the Ponseti Method as developed by Dr Ponseti (and this is backed by 60 year follow-ups). These are some questions you can ask, or things to note, if you are not sure that your doctor is using the Ponseti Method.

Ponseti for Parents’ practical tips

These tips should not replace instructions given by a health professional. They are practical advice gathered from other parents and, although every baby is different, most of this should apply in general.

My Clever Night Night Shoes

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