Our 18 year old wonder – Tumiso Moloi

In 2005, Brenda Moloi emailed Karen Mara Moss with a query about her 4-month-old baby, who was born with clubfoot. With that email, Tumiso became one of the first babies in South Africa to receive the Ponseti treatment for clubfoot. STEPS was but a baby then too. Now, we are both celebrating our 18th birthday […]

Bulumko turns 5! A happy update on his clubfoot story

Bulumko Magwegwe’s 5th birthday was on the 2nd of December. He recently celebrated another big milestone, his successful graduation from clubfoot treatment! We celebrated with Bulumko and his mother Nobaxolisi and presented him with a STEPS treatment graduation certificate at the Tygerberg Hospital clinic where he was successfully treated. We first shared Bulumko’s story in […]

Lee’s clubfoot success story. “There were struggles, but it was worth it.”

Four year old Lee Scullard is a mini superhero in so many ways. He recently completed his four year treatment for clubfoot and received his graduation certificate from Steps to celebrate this special milestone. Lee was born with bilateral clubfoot and his mom Alexia says “I found out about Lee’s clubfoot immediately after birth. I […]

Sherwin Tromp Graduation story

Clubfoot is a treatable birth defect. Early detection and treatment is essential to prevent the child growing up with a disability. Children with untreated clubfoot cannot wear shoes or walk properly. There is a solution with the Ponseti Method that is the globally recognised best practice and offered at the Tygerberg Hospital Clubfoot clinic. The […]

Adi’s clubfoot journey – “All will be good, I promise you”

Adivhaho Netshiombo (Adi) was born with bilateral clubfoot and started Ponseti casting at 6 days old. His mother Fatu says, “I was very shocked when I saw my son had these feet. I saw immediately after he was born. I’d never seen anything like that in my life. And I was already in my forties […]