Clubfoot success story: Ponseti treatment in Tanzania

Donald was born on April 16th, 2015. While his mother was overwhelmingly excited to greet him for the first time, she was deeply concerned when she noticed that his feet were turned inward. Donald has a twin brother who was born just minutes before him and when comparing his feet to his brother’s, it was painfully apparent that Donald’s feet were significantly misshapen. Medical staff at the hospital where Donald was born diagnosed him with bilateral congenital clubfoot as well as the congenital condition spina bifida.

Donald’s mother, Joyce, was very upset to receive this diagnosis from Donald’s medical providers. “I didn’t feel well knowing that his feet were abnormal. I was determined to find him treatment for this condition. I have seen many people in my home region [Dodoma] with this condition and I want my son to avoid the hardship that those adults now have to live with,” she says.

Joyce saw an advertisement for Comprehensive Community Based Rehabilitation in Tanzania (CCBRT) on television, and with both sons, left the home that she shares with her mother-in-law to travel to Dar es Salaam.


During Donald’s first visit to CCBRT on May 5th, 2015, Joyce shared that she felt very confident that her son’s condition could be corrected. “I believe that CCBRT can help to fix Donald’s clubfoot. I will be very excited to see his feet become normal over time.”

Donald will face many challenges living with spina bifida, but fortunately with treatment, these will not be challenges related to clubfoot. Joyce hopes that with appropriate care, Donald can be strong, active and be able to reach his full potential. On behalf of Donald and the rest of her family, Joyce would like to thank those who are sponsoring Donald’s clubfoot treatment. She also encourages these sponsors to continuing empowering and motivating CCBRT staff members so that they can continue providing expert care to other children living with clubfoot.