Lonathemba’s Clubfoot Success Story

Lonathemba was born with bilateral clubfoot and successfully treated at Edendale clinic.

steps clubfoot success storyLonathemba was born with bilateral clubfoot and  successfully treated at Edendale clinic. She now travels 2 hours from her hometown, with her mother Phumele, to follow-up on her procedures and at 1 and half years old, she’s a healthy little girl! Phumele is not the only mother who has to endure the 2-hour journey, which often takes place on foot. It’s no easy task, and it goes to show the amazing effort that these parents go through to get the right treatment for their children.

This is Lonathemba’s success story, told by Phumele:

When did you find out about that your baby had clubfoot?

The doctors informed me when my child was born.

What was the treatment process like for you and your family?

The process was very easy and it never took as long as I had expected. We experienced no complications, so I was very grateful for that.

How did you find out about STEPS?

I’d found out about STEPS while at the hospital, my doctors referred me to the Edenale Clinic where STEPS provided my daughter with treatment.

What advice would you offer to other families going through similar journeys?

My daughter is just as normal as any other 1 year old, and I have STEPS to thank for that. They made sure that the process went as smoothly as possible and it gave me constant hope.

You can help more children like Lonathemba

Steps supports children like Lonathema through the four processes of clubfoot treatment. You can be part of the solution and journey of hope. Walk with us and the children we support.

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