Clubfoot Books for Bedtime

Children around the world love this special bedtime story book created for anybody who sleeps with a brace on at night to keep their feet straight. The “No-o-o-o-o-o-o!” book is a lighthearted and fun way to encourage Ponseti kids to wear their specially designed ‘night-night’ shoes because the results are so worth it.

Written by Karen Mara Moss, a mom with first-hand experience of a strong-willed child who sometimes had to be convinced to wear his brace, and illustrated by the talented Lori Bentley, this inspiring and comforting story describes the exciting jobs that different shoes have, and that wearing the brace enables them to do anything they want to do.

Dedicated to every parent who has faced the battle of clubfoot for their child and helped them to win, even when the going was tough. You rock! KMM & LAB

Every three minutes a child is born with clubfoot (talipes)*. Dr Ignaçio Ponseti’s proven method for clubfoot treatment is accepted as best practice internationally. A crucial part of treatment is the maintenance phase, which requires your child to wear a brace when sleeping to hold the foot in the corrected position. Bracing is the best protection against relapse. Most children sleep in the brace until at least age four.

* Ponseti International Association website


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