Anilafe Mkhota’s Clubfoot Story

Anilafe Mkhota is two years old, she lives in Kraaifontein and has her clubfoot treatment at the Tygerberg Academic Hospital clubfoot clinic. She was born with unilateral clubfoot. Her journey for clinic appointments is a 90 minute return trip. Anilafe is in the maintenance phase of treatment, wearing her clubfoot brace when she sleeps.

Her mother Maness says:

“I found out that my baby had clubfoot when she was born. I felt very sad and was very worried. At our first appointment, the Steps clinic coordinator Jane and the Tygerberg medical team set my mind at ease. I listened to everything that I was told about clubfoot and how my daughter would be treated. I felt very supported and was told everything I needed to know about the treatment process. I was told how important it was for me to make sure that I took my daughter to every appointment.

Every time my daughter got casted I knew it was one step closer to having normal feet. I could see the difference with every cast. I am very happy with my daughter’s foot, no one would ever know that she had clubfoot when she was born. Alinafe now wears the boots every night and no longer has to wear them during the day. For the first 3 months I would put them on her for 23hrs a day. The boots are very comfortable and easy to use.
My daughter reminds me every night to put her shoes on. She will wear them until she is 4 years old just to make sure her foot does not turn back in.

I want to tell other parents who have babies with clubfoot to come and see the doctors and team at your nearest clubfoot clinic and get the help that they offer.

It works, it is worth it, I am so happy and relieved that my daughter walks and runs just like her brother and sister.”

Thanks Maness for sharing Anilafe’s story to encourage other parents to seek treatment for their babies.