#ClubfootChampion Clinton Completes Clubfoot Treatment!

Clinton Daniels, born with unilateral clubfoot on his right foot, recently completed his clubfoot treatment journey!

Clinton clubfoot success storyClinton Daniels, born with unilateral clubfoot on his right foot, recently completed his clubfoot treatment journey!

We had a chat with his mother, Kelestso Daniels, about their clubfoot journey.

“My son has graduated, he no longer wears braces at night. His feet are perfect. We have a follow up check up appointment in one year from now”, says Kelestso.

Q: When did you find out that your son had clubfoot?

“It all started when I went for a scan when I was pregnant. I was told that they did not think my son had a right hand or foot, I was very shocked and sad. Then in my following scan they said that they did see my sons right foot but they said it looked like clubfoot. I didn’t know what that was. When my son was born, my baby’s foot looked very different to the normal one, it had turned in. The nurse at the hospital gave me a date to go to Maitland Cottage clubfoot clinic.

“He firstly had plasters, on his full leg, which helped his foot move to the normal position. They told me it was not painful for my baby. My baby had nine plasters over nine weeks. I came to the clinic every Friday, and took the plaster off the night before. Every week I would see the change. It really helped seeing and speaking to other mothers and their children at different stages of the treatment process. It settled my mind.”

Q: What advice would you give to parents who’s child was diagnosed with clubfoot?

“My advice to parents that have a child born with clubfoot, go to the clinic and be patient! Your child’s feet can be treated! At first, it’s a shock, but then you realise it is just a setback. You must come to the clinic when they tell you and you will be so happy with the outcome.

“I am very happy with the treatment process. My child’s right foot is normal, just like his left. He loves to run and play soccer. If you were to meet him you would never know he was born with clubfoot.”

Q: How did you hear about Steps? And how did Steps help you on your clubfoot journey?

“You helped explain everything to me, that settled my mind. I knew that my child would lead a normal life. Steps explained to me what would happen and what was ahead and what I could expect. I did not feel alone.”

Clubfoot can be treated! It’s important to get treatment early and adhere to the treatment. Steps will walk with you. Find one of our many clubfoot clinics around the country! Or get in touch: +27 (0) 21 462 7357 | info@steps.org.za

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