Fabrice’s parents give the gift of Ponseti

fabrice1Fabrice is a little boy having the Ponseti treatment for clubfoot in The Netherlands. He turns one this month, and wears his brace at night after successful casting.

His parents Giovanni and Tammy contacted STEPS recently to ask how they could help to give more children the chance to have the same successful treatment that Fabrice had:

“We are happy to have given a donation to STEPS SA as we would like to help children born with clubfeet to grow healthy.

We are the parents of two boys and the little one, who is almost 1 year old, was born with clubfeet. Fabrice is being treated using the Ponseti method here in The Netherlands where we live.

However, we are not Dutch, as I am Italian and my wife is from Durban in South Africa. For my job, we lived in several countries and I did spend two years (1999-2000) in Cape Town, a great place, and that is where I met my future wife.

We felt it would be more appropriate to make our donation in Africa, rather than in Europe as we thought there is likely a greater need there and we are happy to have helped a laudable organization such as STEPS in southern Africa .

All the best in your mission and we hope our contribution will help other children. Sincerely, Giovanni and Tammy”

Giovanni and Tammy’s donation will cover weekly transport subsidies and sustenance for ten children who live in rural areas far from clubfoot clinics so they can get the best treatment. Giovanni and Tammy have given these children and their families the precious gift of mobility. Thank you!