Ponseti parties: STEPS celebrates a year of clubfoot success stories

As we head to the end of 2016, STEPS celebrates another year of helping children stand on their own two feet with Ponseti parties at our South African partner Ponseti clubfoot clinics, and Ponseti Races in Johannesburg and Cape Town. There was cake, there were balloons, and – most importantly – a lot of smiles, fun, and laughter.

We look forward to the Ponseti parties every year as it is a chance to celebrate with the amazing medical teams we support, the happy parents we have met since their first diagnosis and wept with and encouraged through the treatment, and the best part of our job, which is the cutest kids. They are all our heroes and true clubfoot champions. A huge thank you to everyone who helped make 2016 such a success. We look forward to a busy 2017 together changing lives of more children born with clubfoot.

We reached 50% of the children born with clubfoot in South Africa in 2016. Please join our effort to reach our goal of 75% in two years by donating to improve the life of a child born with clubfoot, and give us even more to celebrate at the next Ponseti parties:

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