Trust your instincts: Deborah and Cazzner’s story

Deborah and CazznerWhen did you find out that your baby had/would have clubfoot?

The day I gave birth to her.

How did you feel?

When I got the news I didn’t really know what it was, even though the doctor explained it to me and my partner. All that went through my mind was: “Thank you God, she could not have been too perfect.” However I did not know the emotional journey that was awaiting on us.

What was the correction process like for you and your family?

When we finally found out the impact this could have on my child, it hit home. I felt hugely relieved when I was informed that it is indeed not permanent and through proper treatment she will be able to have a normal life.

How did you find out about STEPS?

My baby was born in a private hospital and the day we found out that she had clubfoot the doctor referred us to a physiotherapist as the medical plan I’m on does not cover any specialist.

After a few sessions I just felt that this therapy was not working and that we could not see any of the results that the doctors promised us.

We then decided to approach my GP for help and he could not even tell me what clubfoot was.

After so many doctors visits and referrals I finally decided to go on the internet and that’s how I found out about STEPS.

How did steps assist you on your journey?

After I got their number on the internet and read about Craig and his mother’s journey with STEPS I immediately contacted them.

I remember talking to Karen and she gave me all the information I needed and referred me to Tygerberg Hospital.

I was invited to attend the clubfoot clinic with my baby the same Thursday and the doctors immediately started with the process. We only had three casts on as her foot was not so severe and she is so happy in her braces.

What advice would you offer to other families going through similar journeys?

Don’t ever be ashamed. God blessed you with that beautiful child – trust your instincts. Through the amazing Ponseti treatment and the support from STEPS your journey will be just as beautiful as ours.