Zainab’s story – ‘She loves dancing with her sisters’

Zainab Dawood will be six years old in September, and she was born with clubfoot. She was treated soon after birth at Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital in Cape Town.

Zainab’s mother Samia says:

“I remember going for my 20 week pregnancy scan and finding out that my baby had clubfoot. I knew nothing about the condition until a colleague of mine shared a video clip about Steps. I remember contacting them and crying with the lady on the other side. She encouraged me to try the Ponseti method and assured me that Clubfoot is treatable. My gynaecologist also helped me to get in touch with the correct people at Maitland Cottage.

The treatment was emotionally challenging for me at first, but the team of experienced doctors and physiotherapists (especially our Angel Zara) made it easier. Also, seeing the improvement each time the casts came off gave us hope that her feet would be healed.When we first started with the boots and bars It was a bit tricky, but once you get a handle on how to put them correctly, it becomes easy. Practice makes perfect.”

Zainab has now successfully completed her four year treatment, and she enjoys dancing, football and martial arts.

Samia says, “I want to tell other parents that I know you worry about whether your kid will be able to lead a normal life and be able to walk and run and dance like other kids their age. Be patient, trust the process, complete the castings, be compliant with the boots and bars and follow through with the guidance given by the experienced doctors and physios. Stay hopeful and be extremely disciplined even when your child resists – your little one will thank you for it one day.

As Moms we want the best for our kids. We want them to be happy and healthy and experience the simple thrill of running and playing. I am so grateful that my little one can do everything that other kids her age can do. She loves dancing with her sisters.”

Stepping up to donate monthly to clubfoot support means that Steps can give children the encouragement and tools they need to complete the four treatment plan and achieve full mobility. Clubfoot support changes the trajectory of a child’s life.