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Zethembe’s Story

zethember clubfoot success storyWe love hearing your clubfoot success stories – like this one from Ntombile and her daughter, Zethembe. Do you have your own clubfoot story you would like to share? Please do so here.

Zetheme’s Clubfoot Success Story

Ntombile shares the story of her journey with STEPS and what treatment was like for her daughter. She shares her story to encourage other parents to remain hopeful and she thanks STEPS for being there for her!

“I found out that Zetheme had clubfoot 3 days after she was born. I’d given birth and thought that everything was okay, just to find out that she had this problem. It left me feeling angry and I spent a lot of time crying over it, for my sake and my daughter’s sake.

Zetheme underwent the Ponsenti method for her unilateral clubfoot and it went very smoothly and we experienced no complications. What I really appreciated about STEPS is that they were able to answer any questions I had and they explained the Ponsenti method to me very well, and even showed me videos. The treatment gave me and my family the hope that everything was going to be okay!

I would like to tell all parents with children who suffer from clubfoot that treatments work and that it isn’t the end for their children! Have faith in the process and know that STEPS will be with you throughout the process!”

The Ponseti Method

Babies are born with weak joints, tendons, ligaments, joint capsules, and tissues, meaning that areas in their body, like their feet, can easily be manipulated. The idea of the Ponseti method is to gently manipulate the feet and apply casting to the feet at weekly intervals. If this method is implemented at early intervention, most clubfeet can be successfully corrected without the need for major reconstructive surgery. The method includes two phases, the treatment phase, and the maintenance phase:

The Treatment Phase – during which time the deformity is corrected completely
The Maintenance Phase – during which time a brace is utilized to prevent recurrence

You can help more children like Zetheme

Steps supports children like Zetheme through the four processes of clubfoot treatment. You can be part of the solution and journey of hope. Walk with us and the children we support.

R2500 supports the treatment of one child. Donate R250 monthly to support the treatment of one child.


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