You have two brace options to choose from: the Ponseti Brace and the Dobbs Brace.

Ponseti Brace

The Ponseti AFO Abduction Brace was developed by MD Orthopaedics in consultation with Dr Ponseti. The Ponseti brace is to be used after the clubfoot has been corrected by manipulation and serial casts and possibly heel cord tenotomy in accordance with the Ponseti method of treatment.

When used on atypical/complex clubfoot, the brace aids further correction by gradually increasing flexibility and dorsiflexion.

The Ponseti AFO brace consists of footwear (sandal type shoe) attached to an adjustable bar with built in dorsiflexion. The angle that the shoes are set at can easily be adjusted to give the correct level of abduction for the clubfoot.

With stiff feet, progress can easily be seen as the heels come down further in the sandal each week. Their location can easily be seen through 2 holes in the back of the shoes.

The shoes are attached to the bar by means of a ‘Quick Clip’ system for the shoes to be easily clipped to and unclipped from the bar for ease of use.

The shoe consists of a well-moulded rubber footplate and soft straps. The foot is held securely to the footplate and there is no slippage. Babies do not require a period of adjustment and accept the Ponseti AFO readily.

The sandals are available in a range of sizes – see size chart. They can be ordered in split sizes where necessary.


Sandals and bars can be ordered separately.

The sandals must be worn with good fitting socks to prevent any sores or blisters. For ease of use the sandals are supplied with the buckles on the inside.

Dobbs Brace

Mitchell Quick Release Spring Assist Dobbs Bar

The Spring Assist Dobbs bar is dynamic, it allows children to move their feet independently whilst maintaining abduction.

The Mitchell Spring Assist Dobbs bar will only fit Ponseti shoes (Mitchell) and features the ‘Quick Clip’ system for use with Ponseti AFO shoes.

A spring reset brings the child’s feet back to neutral in a resting position. The spring maintains an active dorsiflexion stretch, while still allowing the child to play and crawl in the brace.

Two sizes, Small (15.25cm – 22.86cm) and Regular (22.86cm – 35.56cm).
The width of the bar should be set so that the gap between the shoes is equal to the shoulder width of the child.
The regular size bar is recommended if the shoulder width of the patient is greater than 20cm.


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