Ponseti downloads for doctors


Clubfoot: Ponseti Management 

This 32 page, four-colour book provides information on all aspects of Ponseti management of clubfoot. It was designed for health care professionals, trainees and families to provide information about this technique. The book was authored by Dr Ponseti, his Iowa colleagues and others, who have mastered this casting technique. We recommend that Dr Ponseti’s technique be learned in a course using this book as a reference.

Authors: Foreword by Ignacio Ponseti

Contributors: Ignacio Ponseti, Shafique Pirani, Fred Dietz, Jose Morcuende, Vincent Mosca, John Herzenberg, Stuart Weinstein, Norgrove Penny, Michiel Steenbeek

Editor: Lynn Staheli

This is the second edition of this book, with some translations already in the third edition.

The first edition was published in November 2003 and translated into four languages. 10 000 copies were printed and distributed in over 50 countries. In this second edition, we have shortened some sections while adding others to make the book more complete and up-to-date.

Download the booklet here. 


Treatment of Congenital Clubfoot using the Ponseti Method

This manual provides a “Congenital Clubfoot assessment and treatment record” and also contains “Information for parents” to help the parents understand their child’s condition, the treatment, and their very important role and responsibility in the treatment. I added a“Doctor’s check up sheet” and a “Parent’s instruction sheet”. These four appendices are designed for making copies for the use of every child’s treatment.

Authors: Foreword by Iris Logan


Ignacio v. Ponseti, Lynn Staheli, Shafique Pirani, Norgrove Penny, Werner Platzer Deutscher Taschenbuchverlag, Georg Thieme Verlag, I.A. Kapandji. Ferdinand Enke Verlag, Miroslav Zhivkov, Naomi Davis, Marc Sinclair, Matthew B.Dobbs, Jose A. Morcuende, Barbara Zukunft-Huber, Elsevier Johannes W.Rohen.

Editor: Iris Lohan

Download the manual here.