At least 2 000 children are born every year with clubfoot in South Africa. Together we can prevent disability from clubfoot.  

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an award-winning non-profit support organisation

We are an award-winning non-profit support organisation that improves the lives of children born with clubfoot.

Our story started in 2003 with the birth of a boy with clubfoot in South Africa. After her son’s successful treatment by Dr Ponseti in Iowa, Karen Mara Moss returned home and told their story to local doctors. Karen founded STEPS in 2005 to introduce and promote the Ponseti Method of clubfoot treatment in southern Africa and support families going through treatment.


I looked for help on the internet and I found help from this amazing woman Karen Moss who changed my life.
- - Brenda
Our 18 year old wonder – Tumiso Moloi

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Everyone at the clinic told me that if I took my son to his clubfoot appointments and followed the process everything would be okay. They gave me hope.
- - Nobaxolisi
Bulumko turns 5! A happy update on his clubfoot story

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There were struggles and obstacles with transport, and taking time off work to make sure we came to each appointment, but it was worth it. Lee’s feet are normal, he loves playing soccer and going to the park.
- - Alexis
Lee’s clubfoot success story. “There were struggles, but it was worth it.”

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We partner with the South African Paediatric Orthopaedic Society and our support programme is integrated into the existing health infrastructure for sustainability. Our four Pillars of Impact support children through four years of treatment from a disabling birth defect to full mobility with the best chance to live happy healthy lives.

Clinic Support

Improve quality of treatment, increase patient adherence.


Increase the number of children successfully treated.

Clubfoot Advocacy

Remove the stigma around clubfoot and increase early referral rates.

Clubfoot Braces

Successful 4 year treatment plans without recurrence.

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Find help for clubfoot

We want to walk with you. Explore the various ways we can help you below and let’s talk next steps.

Parent Resources

We will walk with you. Download our helpful resources

Clinic Resources

We provide in-clinic advisors, education and supplies.

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Medical Resources

Information for medical professionals including Ponseti Method resources for clubfoot treatment.

Find a Clinic

We have partner clinics throughout Southern Africa. Find a clinic near you.


2023 Best rising NGO

CSI Award Winner


Together we can end the disability caused by clubfoot. R60 ($50) monthly / R2500 supports one child through treatment giving them hope, healing, and a brighter future.