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Read some testimonials about the support STEPS gives clubfoot patients and their families

It is wonderful work you are doing to get the doctors to give up surgery and learn how to properly manipulate and cast the clubfoot.

I really hope that you are able to get the message out to parents of babies with clubfeet that surgery is unnecessary.

I was very impressed with your website and congratulate and thank you for all of your work.  It will be a great help in spreading the word.

I think your efforts to make the parents aware of the fact that the deformity should be treated without surgery is very important.

Congratulations on your work in organizing the second South African seminar on clubfoot treatment.  I am sure it will be a great success!

– Dr Ignacio Ponseti

We are very grateful for the long distance support that we have had for Otto our son, born with clubfeet in Oct 2009. We have ordered braces and boots, which have always arrived at their destination in good time to get a lift up to Kenya. We have also had excellent medical advice on various aspects of Otto’s feet via email, phonecalls and skype. Thank you to you all at STEPS and keep up the amazing work that has and will continue to change so many peoples lives.

– Julie Church

 THANK YOU SO, SO MUCH – you are wonderful.  It can be so frightening – you give wings to fly – or feet to dance – to so many children. 

– Helen, Durban

Congratulations for all your beautiful work!!!!

– Monica Nogueira MD, Brazil

Terrific site. Congratulations……awareness is key….and your site really does a good job.

Dr Shafique Pirani, Canada

I don’t have much in my hands but with my mouth I want to say you are an “ANGEL” thanks Karen I don’t even know what to say happiness is in my face, you deserve a big award from God.

– Brenda, Natalspruit

The information you share is undoubtedly the most priceless information anyone going through this can get.

– Brett, Johannesburg

I’m so glad I found you – not many people know much about clubfoot and the procedures to correct it.

– Charlotte, Cape Town

 You are a shining example to all of us with the change you’ve brought about in your own country for all the clubfoot children.

– Joyce, Idaho

I owe you the biggest thank you of all.  Without your perseverance we would not know Ponseti. To those who are just starting the Ponseti journey, the light at the end of the tunnel is so bright its blinding.

– Tshepang, Botswana

Thank you for all your great support!

– Jose Morcuende MD, Iowa 

My son was born with clubfoot and he was operated on when he was nine months old. Have I known about the method that your son used, I should not have let him go through the pain that he went through. I watched you yesterday on TV and a lot of things were clarified.

– Kefilwe, Soweto

It has been confirmed on a scan that my baby has clubfeet. I didn’t have any information whatsoever until I read through your website and now I am not stressed or worried because I know there is help out there.

– Bongiwe, Johannesburg

I only wish there was a support group available when I was going through the early stages.  I think your website is fantastic. Keep up the good work.

– Marie, Durban

When I first found out my son had clubfoot I cried the whole day thinking that I might have done something terribly wrong to God and he is punishing me. But with people like you around I`m getting stronger each day. Thank you very much for your support, now I realise that my son is going to be fine too, and have a normal life like any other child.

– Sibongile, Durban

I would like to say thank you for the advice you gave me about my niece when she was 6 months. She is now running like nothing ever happened to her.

– Rebecca, Johannesburg

 This has never happened in our family so nobody actually understands how we feel or knows how to help. That is why I was so happy when my sister found your website as you can help me more and tell me more about it than people who don’t have the experience behind them.

– SB, Gauteng

My son has unilateral clubfoot. At the hospital they told us to rub his foot while feeding him and he’s going to be fine. I didn’t believe that, I thought that he would need operations when he is older. I regained hope when I saw information about Clubfoot on TV.

– Linda, Secunda

Thank you for playing a part in bringing this treatment to South Africa. Ty will be 4 years old in July and I kiss his feet almost every day in absolute wonder of this miracle treatment.

– Tish, Johannesburg