Sherwin Tromp Graduation story

Clubfoot is a treatable birth defect. Early detection and treatment is essential to prevent the child growing up with a disability. Children with untreated clubfoot cannot wear shoes or walk properly. There is a solution with the Ponseti Method that is the globally recognised best practice and offered at the Tygerberg Hospital Clubfoot clinic. The […]

Lee’s clubfoot success story. “There were struggles, but it was worth it.”

Four year old Lee Scullard is a mini superhero in so many ways. He recently completed his four year treatment for clubfoot and received his graduation certificate from Steps to celebrate this special milestone. Lee was born with bilateral clubfoot and his mom Alexia says “I found out about Lee’s clubfoot immediately after birth. I […]

If your child has clubfoot, it can be corrected!

Father, Maheo Magqira, who was born with clubfoot, is now supporting his daughter, Dini, who was also recently born with clubfoot. Researchers are still uncertain about the cause of clubfoot. The most widely accepted theory is that clubfoot is caused by a combination of genetic and environmental factors. What is known, however, is that there […]

Update on the Orthopods Cycling for Clubfoot – A big thank you from Steps!

On 13 March, a team of 26 orthopods, family members and alumni from Tygerberghospital cycled the Cape Town Cycle Tour for STEPS. Tygerberg Hospital orthopaedic surgeons, back from left, Johan le Roux and Renier Kriel, and, in front, Tino-Vito Orlandi, Hentas van Zyl and Donnavan Foxcroft after they completed the Cape Town Cycle Tour. The […]

There is so much hope!

Sisipho’s story is one of hope. Sisipho was born in a small village in KwaZulu Natal to mom, Sithandile. “After my son was delivered, the doctor who examined him noticed that both of his feet looked deformed”, says Sithandile. “He told me that my baby had bilateral clubfoot, which means in both feet.” This was […]

Stay patient and remain hopeful

Gorgeous little Lethabo was born with clubfoot at Victoria Hospital in the North West Province. She has an older sister who absolutely adores her. Her sister does not have clubfoot. When she was born her mother, Lerato, was distraught and asked herself how this could happen. She did some research and went to visit Dr […]

Amkelo Nene’s Clubfoot Success Story

Amkelo Nene, who is not even one year old, suffers from unilateral clubfoot, but things are looking up for little Amekelo! Currently, she is using a brace to correct the foot alignment and travels to the Greys clinic for a progress checkup. Her Aunt, Mthabisile, tells Amkelo’s clubfoot success story in hopes of reminding other […]