Cape Town Orthopods ride for clubfoot!

A team of orthopaedic surgeons from Tygerberg Hospital Orthopaedic department and alumni are preparing to ride the 2022 Cape Town Cycle Tour for Steps. Along with the monumental effort to ride the world’s largest timed race, the team are raising R50 000 from sponsors, which will change the lives of 25 children born with clubfoot. […]

Alyssa’s clubfoot journey

Felicia Nel gave birth to her baby girl, Alyssa – with clubfoot. She was devastated. “We only discovered it once she was born – It was positional because I’m only 1.5m tall and she was a very big baby, 4.2kgs so by 8 and a half months she had no more space to move and […]

World Birth Defects Day 2022 – A thank you to the media

World Birth Defects Day takes place annually on 3rd March. It is a day that unites people and organisations working in the field of birth defects – also known as congenital anomalies, congenital disorders or congenital conditions. It also focuses on raising awareness of the causes of birth defects and their impact to help destigmatise many of […]

Aurwin Philander completes his clubfoot treatment

Aurwin Philander was born in 2018 with a foot turned inwards. His mother, Robin, was referred by their paediatrician to the clubfoot clinic at Maitland Cottage Children’s Orthopaedic Hospital which is in Cape Town and one of our partner clinics. “On our first visit I remember that during the casting, my son was crying and […]

Announcing our new Clubfoot Champion Ambassador, World Champion Athlete Mpumelelo Mhlongo.

This Disability Awareness Month, Steps Clubfoot Care is proud to announce our new clubfoot ambassador, World Champion Athlete Mpumelelo Mhlongo. Born with amniotic band syndrome (ABS) and a deformed clubfoot, he is now a two-time Paralympian and multiple record holder (100m, 200m, Long Jump) in the T44 para-athletics category. Mpumi, as he is affectionately known, […]

STEPS Board Member Cheryl Howard climbs mountains for clubfoot awareness

Cheryl Howard, a chartered accountant and STEPS board member not only advises on financial matters, she climbs mountains for clubfoot awareness. Cheryl says: “It was through my friendship with Karen Mara Moss and seeing her son’s successful treatment that I became involved with STEPS. More recently a past employee’s little boy has been assisted via […]

Divine’s Clubfoot Story

Fortunate Munetsi found out that her son Divine had clubfoot when he was born in Zimbabwe in 2014. Fortunate says, “I had never heard of such a thing and knew absolutely nothing about clubfoot. It looked very painful and I thought my son would be disabled for life. Divine started treatment at two days old. […]

Bulumko’s Clubfoot Story

Nobaxolisi Magwegwe’s son Bulumko is an active three year old who was born with bilateral clubfoot. Nobaxolisi says, “I never expected that my son would have clubfoot when he was born, I had never heard about it, no one in my family had ever had clubfoot. I was shocked. The nurse that helped me deliver […]