Oyintando’s Clubfoot Story

Ntombi says, “I gave birth to my son Oyintando at Khayelitsha District Hospital. When I had given birth, no one told me there was something wrong with my baby’s feet. I was a teenage mother and it was my first baby. I thought that maybe all newborn’s feet are like that and they would turn […]

Bulumko’s Clubfoot Story

Nobaxolisi Magwegwe’s son Bulumko is an active three year old who was born with bilateral clubfoot. Nobaxolisi says, “I never expected that my son would have clubfoot when he was born, I had never heard about it, no one in my family had ever had clubfoot. I was shocked. The nurse that helped me deliver […]

Izomanga Lucas’s Clubfoot Story

Izomanga Lucas is a 4-year-old boy from Jeffrey’s Bay with bilateral clubfoot who has defaulted treatment since 2018. He lives with his family in Jeffrey’s Bay roughly 100 kilometres from the closest clubfoot clinic which is at Livingstone Hospital. Physiotherapist Judy Prince says, “Izomanga first came to our clinic at Livingstone Hospital in 2017 when […]

Hlaluminathi Gona’s Clubfoot Story

Little Hlaluminathi Gona is a seven month old baby boy who was born with bilateral clubfoot. He lives in Delft and is having treatment at Tygerberg Academic Hospital’s clubfoot clinic which is about forty five minutes travel time from his home. His dad Sakhele Gona says, “When my son was one week old we took […]

Anilafe Mkhota’s Clubfoot Story

Anilafe Mkhota is two years old, she lives in Kraaifontein and has her clubfoot treatment at the Tygerberg Academic Hospital clubfoot clinic. She was born with unilateral clubfoot. Her journey for clinic appointments is a 90 minute return trip. Anilafe is in the maintenance phase of treatment, wearing her clubfoot brace when she sleeps. Her […]

Divine’s Clubfoot Story

Fortunate Munetsi found out that her son Divine had clubfoot when he was born in Zimbabwe in 2014. Fortunate says, “I had never heard of such a thing and knew absolutely nothing about clubfoot. It looked very painful and I thought my son would be disabled for life. Divine started treatment at two days old. […]

Luthimna Busakwe’s Clubfoot story

Luthimna Busakwe is an eighteen month old toddler living in Khayelitsha. He was born with bilateral clubfoot. His mother Busisiwe says, “When I first saw my son’s feet when he was born I was very sad and had so many questions. Why are my son’s feet like this? Will he be able to walk and […]

Sabriel’s Clubfoot Story

We chatted with Sabriel’s mom, Netsai Myamukunda about their clubfoot journey. Her son, Sabriel is currently being treated at the Tygerberg Hospital clufoot clinic in the Western Cape. They both travel almost an hour and a half to make it to their clubfoot appointment. Tell us about your clubfoot journey? On the day my child […]